salam kengkawan hehehe im back to write something here in my blog... actually im quite happy today because today i have receive a call from utm csi that stand for utm center for student innovation.. hhuuhu our proposal was accepted by the committee that make us to be able to compete in their latest competition that is "my product based on recycled material".. i totally freak out by that call because i didnt give more hope toward this proposal but we still be selected to join and will beat the other guys that bravely want to beat us huhu.. sound like evil but we do want to win heheheh..

another news is my precious proposal that is Tyre remover project did not qualify to be selected.. may be im not prepare it very well in the form but i still want it to make it.. huhu guy my team quite fun ok.. i really want them to cooperate with me perfectly so we can win this thing dude hehehe..

all i want to say guys,, wish our team all the best so we can win this thing.. huhu

peace man peace world

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